David Lavender is a man with a talent for making bad decisions. In his fortieth year on planet earth, a dangerous restlessness overwhelms him, and, as his marriage crumbles, and a dispute with his neighbor escalates, he responds to these crises in his life with characteristic folly. Frozen out by his mysteriously indifferent wife, Lilijana. Baited by his cantankerous stepson, Tomo, and alternatively supported and rebuked by his two best mates, Matt and Chalky, will David successfully negotiate the minefield which his own discontent constructed, or will he destroy himself and everyone around him?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Publishing contract

I am very pleased to announce that Loathe Your Neighbor has found a publisher. I have just signed with Artema Press to bring my second novel, Loathe Your Neighbor to life. Pre order now. Express your interest. Help generate some buzz. If you are here, thanks for your support. I hope you will buy, read and absolutely love Loathe Your Neighbor. 
Follow this link for more details Artema Press